No Internet in Windows 10

I was trying to create a wifi-hotspot using my laptop through a software which shall not be named as I tried it to create “my Public Wifi” hotspot  so as to use the Ethernet connection on my mobile too (to play COC ofcourse ).

First on launching the application crashed and after restart my Windows decided to block my internet connection.

After hours of scraping websites to get a feasible solution I found something related on and no it didn’t helped.

But what did the trick for me is following.

Under Control panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings


And make sure only these (or some other permutation of them) is ticked.
In my case there was an extra entry present ( from hotspot software i think) and unchecking it and restarting my windows SOLVED my issue.


Try to identify your unwanted entry in list and uncheck it.
Hope this solves this issue.


BTW if someone can still let me know how to create a hotspot , that will be noice (nice  :-p)


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